What We Do

While maintaining strict nonpartisanship regarding candidates and parties, the League may and does support or oppose issues after a process of study and consensus.

Our local committees identify issues of interest to the community, conuct an investigation and evalueate the results, both pro and con.  Following vetting, and with approval, the League promotesits position to voters through education and advocacy.

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Committees reach out to educate the public by holding public forums, writing articles and making presentations to community groups and agencies.  We may be called upon by the state league to testify before legislative committees. We often bring different perspectives together to share information, and we operate from the belief that even controversial topics can be discussed in a civil, fair, and respectful fashion. 



The League of Women Voters offers internships to University of Florida and Santa Fe College students in the spring and fall semesters of each academic year. The purpose of the internship is to provide students with a meaningful learning experience about the League and its activities. The students gain a heightened awareness of the importance of civic engagement, as well as some new skills for acting in the political arena.