The Social & Criminal Justice Committee has established a working group including: Alachua Schools System of Care; GPD;  Alachua County Dept of Court Services; Meridian Health, Dr. Nancy Hardt; Diane Pearson of DJJ, and Cheryl Twombly, of DCF and the Alachua County Children’s Services Advisory Board.  

What We Support: 

The League of Women Voters has joined in a partnership with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) and others in a state-wide campaign to put an amendment on the ballot that would restore voting rights to those convicted of a felony upon completion of all terms of their sentences including parole or probation. The amendment would not restore voting rights for persons convicted of murder or a felony sex offense. The League is taking a leading role in obtaining the signatures needed to put the amendment on the ballot. 


No events scheduled at this time.

What Can You Do?: 

At the state level, we have formed a LWVF Juvenile Justice Steering Committee.  This committee has representation from Alachua, Collier, Escambia, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach, and Pinellas Counties.  

Both our Social & Criminal Justice Committee and the LWVF Juvenile Justice Steering Committee will study how successfully various counties have implemented the state statute relating to civil citations.  This includes assessing the integration of related services, programs and alternatives.  A few counties appear be doing better than Alachua.  The state steering committee also decided to prioritize the issue of direct files.  We believe that we can achieve significant synergies between the LWVF and LWVAC social, juvenile, and criminal justice efforts. 


Sue Hatch, Chair